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  1. crackme1 / Magic - Defcon Qualifier CTF 2017 Twofer Edition

    Mon 01 May 2017

    I've been taking a substantial break from CTF stuff on account of being pretty busy and hacking enough things for the day job to give me my fill to an extent. I've gotten somewhat better than last year, although a few of the challenges I thought I had ...

  2. MicroCorruption CTF part 2

    Wed 06 July 2016


    Another HSM-2 challenge. Scanning down the disassembly view, we see function labels for putchar, getchar, getsn, puts, printf and strcpy. I'm largely treating this set of functions mapped after strings similarly to imports in conventional debugging: I avoid looking too closely at how they function besides knowing a ...

  3. MicroCorruption CTF (part 1)

    Mon 06 June 2016

    So ages back I meant to write up a bunch of notes on the Matasano series, but they're not ready yet because writing isn't as fun as hacking stuff and because I've mostly got enough crypto basics sorted in my head, it's not so useful for ...

  4. Defcon Qualifier 2016: baby-re writeup

    Sat 28 May 2016

    making things simple through angr

  5. Matasano cryptography challenge series

    Wed 23 September 2015

    I’ve been job hunting, and after getting a little nervous about having mentioned in various places that I’ve got an interest in cryptography I haven’t done much practically in a while (too busy to have fun). So in a hail of industry last night I did the ...

  6. Bsides MCR 2015 NCC crackme writeup

    Tue 01 September 2015

    So, this is a .NET executable. Chucking it in your favourite .NET disassembler is the easiest way to see what’s going on.

    Ideally the easiest is to find a tool that’ll a) translate it into C# and b) render the ints as hex rather than signed. I couldn ...